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   M I S S I O N

BC is a company based on the long experience, both in food and cosmetic sector, of its founders.Thanks to the long esperience and passion of its technicians, BC can offer a solution for any kind of product the customer intends to develop or improve.

   F O O D  d i v i s i o n

In food market, BCs' staff is working hand in hand with his customers, supporting their innovative proposals, developing new formulations, improving existing products and optimizing the production cycles.

The target is to give to the final product the optimal aspect, texture and stabilization.

Thanks to the experience of a group of qualified technicians, BC is able to propose the best system of thickeners, stabilizers and gelling agents.

Every customer become "unique" and each project become a "special project": the proposed solutions are tailor-made and know-how is shared with the customer in order to create an original partnership.

   C O S M E T I C  d i v i s i o n

In cosmetic sector, the innovation and the constant research give BC an original, dynamic and highly proactive impact. Performing and active unique ingredients give the customer the possibility to voyage in the creativity of any type of formulation. The subsidiary CR&D gives BC a "corner" of dedicated research.

The technical and commercial assistance, personalized and at 360 degree, is the most special thing BC could represent in the Italian and foreign market.

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